Photo credit: M. Bourcier, Concordia University

Welcome to my professional website – and thank you for dropping by!

I am a PhD Candidate in Clinical Psychology at Concordia University, in Montreal, Canada. I am currently a psychology resident in the MUHC Mood & Anxiety Disorders Program with Dr. Jennifer Russell. I am also practicing in the private sector with Dr. Maxim Lewkowski at Wood Psychology.

I am part of the Byers-Heinlein lab, where my recent work has explored how Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder and bilingualism interact to affect executive functioning and language.

I created this website with the hope that it will facilitate your access to materials and make it easier for you, fellow clinicians, researchers and students, to contact me — so please do not hesitate to do so. I am also fully bilingual, so feel free to communicate with me en français should you wish!


Melanie Brouillard